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Digilert200 / When I put the Digilert 200 in total mode, it does not accumulate the total counts.

The latest version of the Digilert 200 requires that the timer be set prior to accumulating total count.

To take a timed count, follow these steps:

1. With the Digilert200 operating, set the Mode switch to Total. The display shows 0 and Total in the upper left portion of the display.

2. Press the SET button on the end panel to set the time for your count. You will see the hourglass, and the most recent timing period used. The first time you use the timer, the setting is 00:10 (ten minutes).

3. Use the + and - buttons to set the timing period. The timed period can be for 1 to 10 minutes in 1-minute increments, for 10 to 110 minutes in 10-minute increments, or for 2 to 24 hours in 1 hour increments.

4. Press the SET button. The Digilert200 starts totaling the counts it registers, and the numeric display is updated each time a count is registered. The hourglass indicator flashes during the timed period. During the counting period, if you want to see how many minutes remain, press and briefly hold the SET button. The display counts down from the time setting in hours and minutes to zero. For example, if the display shows 00:21, then 21 minutes remain.

5. At the end of the timed period, the Digilert200 beeps 3 times and repeats the beeping 3 times. The number displayed is the total count and the hourglass will stop flashing and remain solid.

6. To find the average dose rate for the timed period, divide the total by the number of minutes. The average count is in counts per minute. To convert to mR/hr for Cesium-137, divide by 1070.

7. Move the Mode switch to one of the dose rate modes to return to normal operation. If you move the Mode switch to one of the dose rate modes while the Digilert200 is taking a timed count, the timed count will continue.

8. To reset the timer to take another timed count, press the SET button to set the time for another count.

9. Press the SET button a second time and the Digilert200 will start totaling the counts it registers, and the numeric display is updated each time a count is registered.

Digilert200 / How many data points can be stored in the internal memory of the Digilert 200?

Total 1356.

At 1 minute intervals, that's 22.6 hours.

At 10 minute intervals, that's 226 hours (9.4 days) At 1 hour intervals, that's 1356 hours (56.5 days)

Digilert200 / Can I use a Lithium 9 Volt battery in this detector?

Yes. There is no issue using a Lithium 9 Volt battery.

Digilert200 / Can I power the detector with just the USB without a battery?

Yes. The unit will run with a standard miniUSB plug and AC adapter.

Digilert200 / Why do I see a "rainbow effect" at certain angles sometimes on the display in the right lighting conditions?

What you are seeing is a protective cover over the LCD. This is in place to protect the display and the unit from high level static discharge.